Standard DICOM e PACS

We develop medical imaging visualization solutions that comply with DICOM standard and PACS, so as to integrate with the systems already in use in medical centers and with the machinery supplied. This guarantees not only the best performance, but also optimal management of the entire diagnostic process, which facilitates the exchange of images and medical data between devices and professionals.

Standard DICOM e PACS

What do we do

The goal is to improve the efficiency of healthcare operations through effective management of medical images, compliance with DICOM standards and integration with PACS systems. This helps ensure rapid and safe access to diagnostic images, improving the quality of healthcare and collaboration between medical professionals.

DICOM medical image management

Storage, transmission, viewing, printing and description of medical images giving you access to a complete overview of your patient's imaging studies.

Communication with PACS systems

Electronic access to images and clinical reports regarding patient insights, from any device, at any time.

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