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Beyond the ordinary


Through intuitive, interactive and immersive data exploration , resulting in three-dimensional images, virtual models and other advanced visualization types, integrating cloud and artificial intelligence into uniquely tailored systems and creating highly customizable solutions that adapt to specific customer needs. Why?

To encourage the reading and analysis of information and facilitate their interpretation of phenomena and processes in the most diverse sectors, from medical to industry, from retail to educational.

Data is the basis of knowledge and knowledge generates social, intellectual and economic value.

How we work

We investigate the problem, to devise the solution

Our team

Simone Manini

Co-Founder & COO

Mattia Ronzoni

Co-Founder & CEO

Alessandro Re

Co-Founder & CTO

Alessandro Incognito

Business Manager

Sara Zanchi

UX Engineer

Lorenzo Ajo

Senior Developer

Alessia Zanni

ML Engineer

Laura Borghesi

Software Developer

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